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The Arm-ECS Research Centre is a collaboration between researchers in the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, and Arm Research, Cambridge. The industry-university Centre was founded by Prof Bashir Al-Hashimi and Dr David Flynn in 2008, following successful research collaborations between Prof Bashir Al-Hashimi’s research group and Arm.

The centre is based at the University of Southampton, but its researchers either spend most of their time at Arm, or at the University with internships at Arm. It is co-directed by Prof Geoff Merrett and Simon Craske (Arm Fellow and Lead Embedded Architect). The Centre received the “Research Group of the Year” award from the NMI in 2015, and was a runner-up for the TechWorks “Research Collaboration of the Year” award in 2018.


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Our research is organised into distinct collaborative projects, representing areas of joint interest. A number of people work on each project, including ECS academics, researchers, PhD students and Arm researchers.

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Our groundbreaking research leads to co-authored publications in high-quality journals and conferences.