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Dr Terrence Mak

Associate Professor

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Terrence Mak was an Associate Professor at Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. Supported by the Royal Society, he was a Visiting Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology during 2010, and also, affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a Visiting Professor since 2013. Previously, He worked with Turing Award holder Prof. Ivan Sutherland, at Sun Lab in California and has awarded Croucher Foundation scholar. His newly proposed approaches, using runtime optimization and adaptation, strengthened network reliability, reduced power dissipations and significantly improved overall on-chip communication performances. Throughout a spectrum of novel methodologies, includingregulating traffic dynamics using network-on-chips, enabling unprecedented MTBF and to provide better on-chip efficiencies, and proposed a novel garbage collections methods, “defragmentation”, together led to four prestigious best paper awards at DATE 2011, IEEE/ACM VLSI-SoC 2014, IEEE PDP 2015, and IEEE EUC 2016. More recently, his newly published journal based on 3D adaptation and deadlock-free routing has awarded the prestigious 2015 IET Computers & Digital Techniques Premium Award. He has published more than 100 papers in both conferences and journals and jointly published 4 books.

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