Taped-out in October 2016 this test-chip was designed to explore on chip wireless communication in the mm-wave frequency band. The chip was fabricated in an AMS 0.35um technology and incorporates two meander monopole antennas (which can be observed in the lower left and right corners of the die in Figure 1, see below), in addition to a range of other digital circuits.


ECStest2016 Test Chip

The chip was returned in May 2017 and has undergone rigorous testing for use in wireless on-chip clock distribution.

On-Chip Antenna Performance

a die photo of the fabricated antenna in addition to its performance. As can be observed from the figure, the antenna operates well around the target, 70GHz frequency.

More details of this chip can be found in our paper Q. Ding, B. J. Fletcher and T. Mak, “Globally Wireless Locally Wired (GloWiLoW): A Clock Distribution Network for Many-Core Systems,” 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 2018.

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