Paper accepted in IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits

Paper Accepted in IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits

Recent research from the Arm-ECS research centre exploring low-energy wireless 3D integration has been accepted for publication by the prestigious IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits.

The paper describes a low energy, time-domain coding transceiver that can be used to communicate data between layers of a 3D-stacked chip, whilst consuming only 7.4pJ of energy per transmitted bit (and only 0.06mm2 of silicon area). The transceiver was designed by PhD student Ben Fletcher, who is exploring low cost 3D Integration for IoT devices, and can be used to achieve communication between different layers of a stacked IC fabricated using several different process technologies.

The design was demonstrated as part of a 2 tier 0.35um CMOS test chip, developed in collaboration with the Devices Circuits and Systems group of Arm Research Cambridge.