Energy Harvesting for IoT Devices

Energy Harvesting for IoT Devices

With the increased demand for Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, an efficient and sustainable power supply is required.

Energy harvesting (EH) presents a promising solution, with potential for entirely energy neutral systems. However, EH comes with a number of issues such as intermittent supply, component variability and low power output.

An energy neutral system, reliant on EH, can be achieved with software solutions, such as adapting to the available supply, and/or hardware implementations such as smoothing variation. This project will explore the existing solutions, their limitations and combinations with the aim of developing better interfacing between EH and IoT sensors.

Watch Arm-ECS PhD Student Tim Daulby giving a 2-minute overview of his research into energy-harvesting computing at the Arm Research Summit 2018:

“Majority of prior intermittent compute (IC) works have targeted at 16b CPUs. Tim’s work is among many recent efforts to study IC on Arm M-class CPUs. A potential outcome of this research would be a platform for academics to qualify IC strategies for Arm CPUs. NVM has a strong influence on IC strategies and Tim’s research is expected to guide the evaluation of emerging NVM technologies. Aside of the broad theoretical analysis, Tim’s research is aimed at developing proven IC techniques for Arm powered SoCs to be used in battery-less IoT leaf nodes.”

Anand Savanth – Principal Research Engineer


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