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Sivert Sliper

PhD Student

In 2018, Sivert graduated from the European Masters in Embedded Computing Systems, a 2-year joint MSc programme between Kaiserslautern University of Technology, University of Southampton and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD under an iCASE studentship at the University of Southampton in collaboration with Arm. His research is focused on intermittent computing systems, enabling devices that can operate on unstable power supplies, such as energy harvesters.

Sivert’s research aims to optimise intermittent computing systems at the software and hardware architecture level, contributing to the emergence of ubiquitous battery-less computing devices. Completing a year at Southampton and spending the remainder of his PhD in Arm Research, Cambridge, Sivert’s project develops a full-system simulator, specifically targeted toward modelling the interactions between energy-availability, energy-consumption and execution that is inherent in intermittent computing. In the future, the simulator will be used to explore how best to exploit the characteristics of future embedded non-volatile memories to enable reliable and efficient intermittent computing.

“This project explores the use of NVM for intermittent computing systems, as the industry moves towards one trillion IoT devices, many such devices will be intermittently powered, NVM provides the promise of enabling fast and efficient switch off and then on again, also as MCUs scale below 28nm, NVM provides a promising alternative to replacing eNOR flash and disrupting on-chip SRAM.”

William Wang – Staff Research Engineer

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