Charles Leech successfully defends PhD thesis

Congratulations to Charlie Leech

Congratulations to Charlie Leech on his recent viva success.

Our congratulations go to Charlie, who recently passed his PhD viva and subsequently had his corrections approved. Charlie, who also worked on the PRiME project as a Senior Research Assistant, has now secured a position as a Consultant Analyst with PA Consulting in Cambridge.

Charlie developed the PRiME Stereo Match tool and found PRiME enabled him to develop both technical and personal skills.

“PRiME has a focus on demonstrating research through real-world applications. The stereo matching application that I developed was the perfect opportunity to further my software development skills and my knowledge of computer vision algorithms,” Charlie said. “Presenting at different conferences and being able to hold leadership roles while studying for my PhD had a huge effect on my personal development. Experience in this capacity would not have been possible if I was not part of a big project like PRiME.”

Charlie also undertook on an internship at ARM Research, Cambridge during his time on the PRiME project, giving him the opportunity to see how research works in industry.

“It was an exceptional experience where I applied the technical skills that I have cultivated while I was working on PRiME”

The Arm-ECS Research Centre thanks Charlie for his invaluable contribution to the project and sends him very best wishes as he moves onto the next stage in his career.