NIRGAM: A Simulator for NoC Interconnect Routing and Application Modeling

NIRGAM NoC Simulator

NIRGAM is a systemC based discrete event, cycle accurate simulator for research in Network on Chip(NoC). It provides substantial support to experiment with NoC design in terms of routing algorithms and applications on various topologies.


Current Capabilities:

1. Topology

  • 2-D Mesh
  • 2-D Torus

2. Switching Mechanism

  • Wormhole

3. Routing Algorithms

  • Deterministic XY
  • Adaptive Odd-Even(OE)
  • Source Routing

4. Applications

  • Source (sender)
  • Sink (reciever)
  • Traffic Generator
    • Constant Bit Rate
    • Bursty
    • Trace-based

5. Plug-in support for applications

6. Plug-in support for routers

Configurable NoC parameters:

  • Topology size (m x n)
  • Clock frequency
  • Buffer depth
  • Flit size
  • Virtual channels

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