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Hakan Pekmezci

Enterprise Fellow

Prior to joining the Arm ECS Research Centre, Hakan led a number of system design projects, often with industry partners. In collaboration with Airbus, ESA, and others, his BladeSense team at Cranfield obtained strain and shape sensing data from the Airbus H135 helicopter in real-time wirelessly for a world first. He cares deeply and understands the physicists’ needs to embed laser control into non-volatile memory. Members of the team have since taken on new aerospace and renewable energy challenges in electric planes, next generation Rolls-Royce engines, harvesting more energy from wind turbines, and atmospheric readings from high-attitude aircraft to address climate change challenges. Prior to Cranfield at TU Kaiserslautern (Germany) he worked on various EU research and other funded projects. His AI designs have been exhibited at CeBIT and other shows.
Some of his sensor signal techniques were implemented on low power efficient Arm SoCs (to be precise ARM®Cortex®-M3-based 32-bit microcontrollers within the Silicon Labs, a.k.a. Energy Micro Gecko) and other microcontrollers throughout his projects. He ambitiously collaborated to design an open source smartphone in a two-person team as early as 2009 for the elderly. Those Ångström Linux works inspired him to design an earlier touchscreen tablet (Linebyte) based on the OMAP3530 SoC before the first iPad release in 2010. He firmly believes this early SoC design was the perfect marriage of ARM® Cortex™-A8, TI’s TMS320C64x+ DSP Core and Imagination’s PowerVR SGX for the world’s demanding real-time tasks in that time.
At the Arm ECS Research Centre, he works with industry pioneers David, John, and Geoff to develop solutions for next generation SoC frameworks to support involvement in the Arm Academic Access programme, ‘SoC Labs’ and ‘Future Technology Exploration’ streams. His role is to both develop open source IP for SoC implementations and to help assist other University collaborators to manufacture their custom SoC devices. This work ranges from helping ensure custom designed IP is secure to assisting in the use of the Arm based ecosystem and tools to help get custom silicon devices designed, fabricated, and producing the research outcomes for the research project needs.

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