Prof. David Flynn

Visiting Professor at University of Southampton since 2008 providing industrial oversight for post-graduate research, attached to the Pervasive Systems Centre. Main day-job is to lead a low-power research and development program at ARM Ltd.

David Flynn, a Fellow in R&D at ARM Ltd, Cambridge UK,, has been with the company since 1991, specializing in System-on-Chip IP deployment and methodology. He is the original architect behind ARM’s synthesizable CPU family and the AMBA on-chip interconnect standard. His current research focus is low-power system-level design. He holds a number of patents in on-chip bus, low power and embedded processing sub-system design and holds a BSc in Computer Science from Hatfield Polytechnic, UK and a Doctorate in Electronic Engineering from Loughborough University, UK. He also serves as a part-time Visiting Professor with the Electronics and Computer Science Department at Southampton University, UK. David is a primary author of the "Low Power Methodology Manual" co-developed with Synopsys and (Springer 2007) and a contributing author to the VMM-LP launched 2009.