We are always on the lookout for bright and motivated people to join the team, either as a PhD student or as a member of research staff.

Current PhD Opportunities

We are always interested in PhD applications from excellent candidates, who have an interest in conducting research in the ARM-ECS research centre. Please contact us, attaching a CV, if you are interested.

Off and On Again: Optimising Intermittently-Powered Systems

Based primarily at ARM, Cambridge

ARM: James Myers and Stephan Diestelhorst
University of Southampton: Alex Weddell and Geoff Merrett

Powering billions of Internet of Things (IoT) nodes will be a significant challenge: batteries increase cost, environmental impact and maintenance. Energy harvesting (EH) scavenges power from sources such as light, vibration, or temperature difference. EH sensor nodes are now being deployed with a battery topped up to smooth out temporal variations in EH and ensure reliable operation. A recent competing approach proposes nodes with no energy storage, which only operate when power is available, maintaining their state in non-volatile memory (NVM) between intermittent power cycles. Such systems either use a purely software approach (taking regular program state checkpoints in NVM) or purely hardware (with all state being in NVM). This project proposes to explore and demonstrate a HW/SW co-design strategy to maximise the amount of useful computation per power-cycle through optimising software structures and the use of NVM.

The 3.5 year studentship offered includes both tuition fees (UK/EU students) and an annual tax-free stipend of £17000 pa for living costs (EU students will almost certainly be eligible, see

30th June 2017 (may close sooner, as and when a suitable candidate is found)

Email your CV to both Dr Alex Weddell ( and Dr Geoff Merrett (

EPSRC iCASE in 3DIC Design Methodologies for the Internet of Things

This scholarship is available to UK and EU applicants (subject to eligibility criteria, see, providing fees and an enhanced tax-free stipend. Closing date for applications is 30th June 2016. More information can be downloaded here

Current Post-Doctoral/Research Fellow Opportunities

We regularly have positions available for outstanding candidates who hold a PhD degree in a relevant topic and have an excellent research track record. Please contact us, attaching a CV, if you are interested.
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