ARM sponsors Internet of Things trial for real-world environmental sensor networks

Philip Basford working on the 2012 base station in Iceland

Our previous research in the Glacsweb project has led to a considerable expertise in deploying wireless sensor networks there to monitor glacier and climate changes (see We are now building a trial of "internet of things" connected sensor nodes to monitor some real world data by using a combination of our latest technologies. This is made easier by taking advantage of the systems and mechanisms we left there last summer such as weather station, cameras, wind/solar generators and seismic sensors.

The general plan is to make some 6Lowpan enabled ARM-based nodes which can take over the entire network - making each node accessible not only to us from outside but to each other. We have designs based on the Cortex M3 and existing sensing code – and are porting a 6Lowpan network stack to them to make this deployment. We are also working on a Cortex A8+M0+ combination system for high-end nodes.

The trial will take place in Iceland at the end of August 2013.

The team includes two electronics PhD students: Graeme Bragg and Tyler Ward

Wednesday, May 1, 2013